The first multifunctional nail art printer.

Nail printing+ UV light + Drying Fan + Installed Software Touch screen making it more suitable for commercial use!

Seeking agents, and also welcoming nail salons to actively try out.

Our Advantage

Advantage 1

Nail printing+ UV light + Drying Fan + Installed Software Touch screen making it more suitable for commercial use!

Advantage 2

High-definition printing effect (1200-4800 dpi), high standard for commercial use.

Advantage 3

Commercial nail printers lessen dependence on manicurists, giving salon owners more cost control and stable staffing. This minimizes disruptions from employee turnover, offering greater flexibility in managing costs and workforce stability.

Advantage 4

High printing speed (10 seconds per finger),Your end customers will benefit greatly from this advantage.

About Us

      We are a professional manufacturer of nail printers, committed to providing high-quality nail printing equipment and comprehensive business solutions. Our offerings not only include advanced nail printers but also a range of supporting services and products to help you enhance profitability:

  1. Nail Printers: Utilizing the latest technology to swiftly and accurately print intricate designs, meeting diverse customer needs.
  2. Business Model Guidance: Detailed guidance on effective profit strategies, including pricing, promotion, and customer retention methods.
  3. Training Services: Professional training ensures proficient operation of nail printers and keeps staff updated on the latest nail art techniques and trends.
  4. Marketing Support: Tailored strategies for social media promotion, market campaigns, and in-store displays to attract more customers.
  5. Supporting Nail Products: High-quality products like nail gels, base coats, and top coats ensure consistent service quality.
  6. After-Sales Service: Our team provides technical support and maintenance services to keep equipment in optimal condition.

With our products and services, you can not only improve the service quality and efficiency of your nail salon but also significantly increase profitability and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Client Testimonials

“Our salon's productivity and customer satisfaction have skyrocketed since we started using their nail printers. The intricate designs and quick service have made us a favorite among clients. The comprehensive business model guidance and marketing support have also helped us attract new customers and boost our profits.“
Sarah J., Nail Salon Owner
"Implementing their nail printing technology was a game-changer for our franchise. The marketing support and social media strategies provided were invaluable in attracting a younger, tech-savvy clientele. Our profits have seen a significant increase thanks to their comprehensive approach."
Jessica K., Franchise Owner
"Introducing their nail printer significantly boosted our business. The printer not only increased customer interest but also enhanced our nail polish gel sales. The enthusiasm for new technology doubled our sales figures."
Richard W., Nail Polish Gel Distributor

Preview of Nail Printer Projects

"Seize the opportunity that could potentially double your business."

“We are actively recruiting agents and nail salon owners to utilize our machines.”